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Torching the Nest

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The Taris Blacklist bounty is a Mandalorian exile named Jicoln Cadera. You’ve enlisted Jicoln’s son, Torian, to assist you in tracking the exile down.Torian thinks that Jicoln could be holed up somewhere inside the collapsed ruins of Transport Station 5, but the location is absolutely overrun with rakghouls. Torian suggested that with the help of a musk he can produce, the two of you could reasonably brave the warren.

Against Torian’s advice, you elected not to make the concoction that would make the rakghouls ignore you. Enter Transport Station 5 in the Tularan Marsh, and clear a path through the rakghoul-infested area known as Zone Zero.

  1. Investigate the Rakghoul Warren
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  2. Speak with Torian Cadera
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  3. Destroy the Rakghoul Attractor
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  4. Kill Rakghouls in the Vault
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  5. Kill Rakghouls in the Vault
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  6. Kill Rakghouls in the Vault
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  7. Speak with Jicoln Cadera
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key facts
Level: 33
Difficulty: Normal
Category: Bounty Hunter, Class, Imperial, Taris, Taris Imperial
Planet: Taris
Experience Points: +7005


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  1. Comment by Warning made on November 9, 2013 at 2:44 pm

    Biowares love of overpowered rakghouls strikes again with two Strongs that hit more like elites