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The Search for Agent Galen

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You are on Nar Shaddaa to lock down the Power Guard project and find Agent Galen. You are coordinating with Republic SIS to follow Agent Galen’s trail.

Head to the SIS safe house on the Promenade.

  1. Go to SIS Safe House
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  2. Use the Turbolift Controls
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  3. Speak to Chief Rieekan
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  4. Download DD-B4
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  5. Download DD-G7
    ( )
  6. Download DD-R1
    ( )
  7. Use Your Personal Holocom
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  8. Search the Power Guard Recruitment Center
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  9. Defeat Imperial Shocktroopers
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  10. Free Imprisoned Refugees
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Additional Information

key facts
Level: 21
Difficulty: Normal
Category: Jedi Knight, Class, Nar Shaddaa
Planet: Nar Shaddaa
Experience Points: +4105
Dark Side Points: 50


One Response to The Search for Agent Galen

  1. Comment by Tiffany made on January 29, 2020 at 6:47 am

    If you want to save Agent Galen you have to choose the light side option asking him to help you defeat the Sith. The other light side option will result in him arriving early and sacrificing himself against some power guards. And well, the killing him option is quite obvious what it does.