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The Magnetar Rifles

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You restored power to the prison’s security fields but were informed by Assistant Warden Graal that the Condemned prisoners have raided an armory. The armory contained magnetar rifles, experimental weapons that could nullify the security fields. Assistant Warden Graal has asked that you recover the weapons immediately. He also requested that you keep casualties to a minimum, so Officer Gerro has provided you with a satchel of non-lethal grenades to subdue the prisoners.

  1. Recover the Magnetar Rifles (0/6)
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  2. Return to Assistant Warden Graal
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key facts
Level: 42
Min Level: 38
Difficulty: Normal
Category: Belsavis, Republic, World
Planet: Belsavis
Drop Monsters:
    Drop Items:
    • Magnetar Rifle
    Experience Points: +9245
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