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The Last Defenders

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You delivered a holorecording from Padawan Fia to Jedi Till’in in the ruins of Kaleth. Jedi Till’in has been occupied examining the ancient droids that still wander the area. The droids have become increasingly hostile towards intruders, but Jedi Till’in doesn’t understand why.

He has asked you to brave the hostile droids, scan their cognitive units and return the data to him for further analysis. Enter the lower ruins of Kaleth, disable Tythonian seekers and then scan them. Once the scanner’s memory is full, return to Jedi Till’in at the forward camp between Kaleth and the Tythos River Valley.

  1. Disable and Scan Tythonian Seekers
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    To scan the Tythonian Seekers you need to open your inventory and click on the Mission Items tab. You will find the scanner in there. Select the dead Tythonian Seeker and right click on the item in your inventory to scan.
  2. Return to Jedi Till’in
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Ends at:

Jedi Till’in

key facts
Level: 5
Difficulty: Normal
Category: Tython, World
Planet: Tython
Starting NPC: Jedi Till’in
Ending NPC: Jedi Till’in
Experience Points: +1035
Items: Pick one of the following: HTML :


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