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Test of the Clan

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Roggar Den, a Mandalorian leader at Outpost Rennar, has challenged you to participate in a trial of respect and glory. The Sand People distill a lethal poison and only their holiest shrines have the antidote.

To pass the trial, you had to voluntarily drink the poison. Before you succumb to the toxin or the Sand People themselves, go to their camp in the Southern Jundland Wastes and retrieve the antidote held within the shrine.

  1. Use Poison Injector
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    You now have 15 minutes to go to the sand people camp, kill the guarding elite and get the antidote.
  2. Use Poison Injector
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  3. Get the Antidote from the Sand People (0/1)
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  4. Administer the Antidote
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  5. Return to Roggar Den
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Ends at:

Roggar Den

key facts
Level: 28
Min Level: 22
Difficulty: Normal
Category: Imperial, Tatooine, World
Planet: Tatooine
Starting NPC: Roggar Den
Ending NPC: Roggar Den
Drop Monsters:
    Drop Items:
    • Sandpeople’s Poison Antidote
    Experience Points: +5765
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