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Strange Weapons

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Captain Bryn, a member of Imperial Special Forces, wants the plans to Lord Grathan’s experimental turrets. Your task is to recover the plans.

To enter the Grathan weapons lab where the plans are located, you need to first get past the turrets guarding the lab. To do that, you’ll need to acquire a security badge from a Grathan guardsman in Lord Grathan’s Estate.

  1. Recover a Security Badge (0/1)
    ( More …)
  2. Explore the Weapons Lab
    ( More …)
  3. Talk to PO-12
    ( More …)

Option :1 Chose to remove restraining bolt

  1. Return to Captain Bryn
    ( More…)

Option :2 Chose to return plans

  1. Return to Captain Bryn
    ( More…)
Ends at:

Captain Bryn

Additional Information

key facts
Level: 14
Min Level: 6
Difficulty: Normal
Category: Dromund Kaas, World
Planet: Dromund Kaas
Starting NPC: Captain Bryn
Ending NPC: Captain Bryn
Drop Monsters:
  • Grathan Guardsman
Drop Items:
  • Grathan Security Badge
Experience Points: +2490
Light Side Points: 50
Dark Side Points: 50


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