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Stolen Secrets

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The data files for the Planet Prison, a top secret Republic military weapon, have been stolen, along with valuable military hardware. A Rodian smuggler named Vistis Garn was behind the theft; he’s known to work for the Migrant Merchants’ Guild.

Take a speeder to the old Galactic Market and infiltrate the Migrant Merchants’ Guild warehouse to recover the stolen goods.

  1. Recover Stolen Rockets (0/1)
    ( More …)
  2. Recover Stolen Munitions (0/1)
    ( )
  3. Recover Stolen Weapons (0/1)
    ( )
  4. Break Down the Security Door
    ( More …)
  5. Confront Vistis
    ( More …)
  6. Defeat Vistis Garn
    ( More …)
  7. Defeat Vistis’s Turrets
    ( )
  8. Speak to Vistis Garn
    ( More …)

Option :1 Chose to spare Vistis

  1. Speak to Agent Galen
    ( More…)

Option :2 Chose to kill Vistis

  1. Speak to Agent Galen
    ( More…)
Ends at:

Agent Galen

Additional Information

  • There is also an option to chose – Go then fast. You will receive 50 Light Side points but no affection with companion.
key facts
Level: 11
Difficulty: Normal
Category: Jedi Knight, Class, Coruscant
Planet: Coruscant
Starting NPC: Master Orgus Din
Ending NPC: Agent Galen
Drop Monsters:
    Drop Items:
    • Stolen Rockets Crate
    • Stolen Munitions Crate
    • Stolen Weapons Crate
    Experience Points: +1840
    Light Side Points: 50
    Dark Side Points: 100
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