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Stage 3 – The Hunt for Lord Tharsis

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Thanks to your efforts, the Empire has been all but forced off Balmorra. Unfortunately, they have chosen to deal a parting blow to Balmorra’s people by laying waste to the civilian center known as the Moraine Territory. The Empire’s efforts are led by the ruthless Lord Tharsis. Eliminating him would disrupt the Empire’s activities in the area, and give the Balmorran resistance the last morale boost they need to push the Empire off the planet once and for all.

The resistance has analyzed the data in the Mandalorian and Imperial holocoms. They have not located Lord Tharsis, but they have located Apprentice Loell, the Sith Lord’s student. Confront Apprentice Loell near the Karill Village in the Moraine Territory to see if you can draw out her master.

  1. Defeat Apprentice Loell
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key facts
Level: 35
Difficulty: Normal
Category: Balmorra, Balmorra Republic, Bonus, Republic
Experience Points: +7510


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