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Space Race

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The Voss commando,Telsin-Fal, has tasked you with sabotaging the ship the Gormak have built in the Gormak lands, starting with its shield generators.

  1. Destroy First Shield Generator
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  2. Destroy Second Shield Generator
    ( )
  3. Destroy Third Shield Generator
    ( )
  4. Plant First Set of Charges
    ( More …)
    Just so you know. If someone else planted the charges before you it will seem as if you can’t plant the charges yourself. Wait for the door to start glowing blue-ish again and you will be able to plant the charges. They just have a long “respawn” timer
  5. Plant Second Set of Charges
    ( )
  6. Find a Safe Spot for Detonation
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  7. Return to Telsin-Fal
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key facts
Level: 47
Min Level: 41
Difficulty: Normal
Category: Imperial, Voss, World
Planet: Voss
Starting NPC: Telsin-Fal
Ending NPC: Telsin-Fal
Experience Points: +10525


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