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Sleeping Rakata

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Jedi Master Markos has told you of Elshuu, an ancient and powerful being imprisoned in Belsavis thousands of years ago. Markos believes that Elshuu’s fanatical disciples have awoken and are now trying to free their master. Markos has instructed you to confront Elshuu and ensure he never escapes Belsavis.

  1. Go to Elshuu’s Prison Chamber
    ( More …)
  2. Defeat the Disciples of Elshuu
    ( More …)
  3. Examine the Monolith
    ( More …)
  4. Speak to Elshuu
    ( More …)
  5. Defeat Elshuu
    ( More …)
  6. Return to the Monitoring Station Console
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key facts
Level: 44
Min Level: 38
Difficulty: Normal
Category: Belsavis, Republic
Planet: Belsavis
Experience Points: +9755


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