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Shipment of Weapons

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Kamen Proy, an SIS agent working undercover, has informed you of an Ulgo superweapon known as the Kingstrike. If allowed to be shipped off world, the Kingstrike would spell certain doom for the Republic’s efforts on Alderaan.

You’ve agreed to stop House Ulgo from deploying the Kingstrike. Infiltrate the Ulgo Shipping Facility in King’s Pass and recover the dismantled pieces of the superweapon.

  1. Recover the Kingstrike Focusing Lens (0/1)
    ( More …)
  2. Recover the Kingstrike Power Converter (0/1)
    ( )
  3. Recover the Kingstrike Cooling Unit (0/1)
    ( )
  4. Recover the Kingstrike Energy Capacitor (0/1)
    ( )
  5. Recover the Kingstrike Targeting Module (0/1)
    ( )
  6. Return to Kamen Proy
    ( More …)
Ends at:

Kamen Proy

key facts
Level: 31
Min Level: 25
Difficulty: Normal
Category: Alderaan, Republic, World
Planet: Alderaan
Starting NPC: Kamen Proy
Ending NPC: Kamen Proy
Experience Points: +6505


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One Response to Shipment of Weapons

  1. Comment by Poor design made on December 29, 2013 at 4:24 pm

    So which Bioware moron thought having a ridiculous amount of Strongs, both stationary and wandering, in addition to each one having a medic with overpowered heals and another normal, all pretty much on top of each other was a good idea?

    But that wasn’t idiocy enough, no. They had to put in an elite that makes Nomen Karr look like an amateur at jumping around and knocking back