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Pilgrim Medicine

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You found a datapad on the body of a Kalikori hunter with a last message to his wife Bahlea. The hunter was trying to collect manka cat teeth for medicine that might cure his sick daughter Rusa, but he was killed by the manka cats before he could recover any of their teeth. Unless Rusa gets the manka tooth medicine, she won’t get well.

Collect manka cat teeth from manka cats and savage manka cats in the Hollows and return them to Bahlea in Kalikori village.

  1. Collect Manka Cat Teeth (0/6)
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  2. Report to Bahlea
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key facts
Level: 6
Difficulty: Normal
Category: Tython, World
Planet: Tython
Starting NPC: Datapad
Ending NPC: Bahlea
Drop Monsters:
  • Manka Cat
  • Savage Manka Cat
Drop Items:
  • Manka Cat Tooth
Experience Points: +1215
Items – class specific
These items are awarded based on your character’s class. You get only the one appropriate for your class
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