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Operation Banshee

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You may need additional firepower to make it out of the Imperial Command bunker on Quesh if your diversion is fully successful. Search around for components you could combine and use against the enemy forces when they arrive.

  1. Acquire a CL-A1 Alderinium Cylinoid (0/1)
    ( More …)
  2. Acquire a CL-A1 Combat Clip (0/1)
    ( )
  3. Acquire a CL-A1 Transfer Coil (0/1)
    ( )
key facts
Level: 36
Category: Bonus, Open World, Republic, World
Drop Monsters:
    Drop Items:
    • CL-A1 Alderinium Cylinoid
    • CL-A1 Combat Clip
    • CL-A1 Transfer Coil
    Experience Points: +7765
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