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NF – The Maker

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  1. Talk to Tren Vaido
  2. Loot a Photoreceptor from Old Walker on Tatooine (0/1)
  3. Loot a Repulsor Coil from Old Shields on Nar Shaddaa (0/1)
  4. Loot a Macrofuser from Old Artillery on Alderaan (0/1)
  5. Return to Tren Vaido
  6. Destroy Upgraded Battle Droids NF: Need to be able to attack a neutral encounter mob when on a step to defeat the neutral encounter (current hack around is to just use spawners instead of an encounter) (0/3)
  7. Confront Tren Vaido

Option :1 Choose to kill Tren Vaido

Option :2 Choose to spare Tren Vaido

key facts
Level: 38
Min Level: 36
Difficulty: Normal
Category: Companion, Hk 51, Imperial
Drop Monsters:
    Drop Items:
    • Photoreceptor
    • Repulsor Coil
    • Macrofuser
    Experience Points: +8270
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