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Trea Kobbeth, a Twi’lek Pilgrim in Kalikori village, has begged you to help rescue her son, Viyo, who was kidnapped by a Flesh Raider.

He was last seen on Tythos Ridge, and may have left his satchel behind as a signal to any rescuers. Travel to Tythos Ridge and look for Viyo Kobbeth or his satchel.

  1. Find Viyo’s Satchel
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Option :1 Decided to help the raider

  1. Speak to Master Strayen
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  2. Light the Signal Fire
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  3. Return to Trea Kobbeth
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Option :2 Decided to kill the raider

  1. Return to Trea Kobbeth
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Trea Kobbeth

key facts
Level: 6
Difficulty: Normal
Category: Tython, World
Planet: Tython
Starting NPC: Trea Kobbeth
Ending NPC: Trea Kobbeth
Experience Points: +1215
Light Side Points: 50
Dark Side Points: 50
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