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Killed in Custody

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Paus, a journalist, is doing a story on a young man named Rikael Lysannis who he believes was unjustly tried and executed by the Justicars. He needs proof of his theory to force the Senate to finally crack down on the Justicars, and he thinks you can help get that proof.

Evidence of Rikael’s trial should have been recorded by an interrogation droid. Destroy the droids in the Justicar prison until you find a memory core.

  1. Retrieve a Droid Memory Core (0/1)
    ( More …)
  2. Use the Security Terminal
    ( More …)

Option :1 Chose to edit the recording

  1. Return to Paus
    ( More…)

Option :2 Chose not to edit the recording

  1. Return to Paus
    ( More…)
Ends at:


key facts
Level: 13
Min Level: 6
Difficulty: Normal
Category: Coruscant, World
Planet: Coruscant
Starting NPC: Paus
Ending NPC: Paus
Drop Monsters:
  • Justicar Interrogation Droid
Drop Items:
  • Memory Core
Experience Points: +2275
Light Side Points: 50
Dark Side Points: 100


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