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Justicar Injustice

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Renalda Agareth tells you that her brother, Braedon, was indentured by the Justicars and is being forced to serve as low-level security or face exile.

You agreed to save this young man from his captors. To reach Braedon Agareth in Justicar captivity, you must first breach their security field. Justicar heavy gunners wear specialized belts that will grant you safe passage. Find the heavy gunners in Justicar territory.

  1. Obtain a Justicar Security Belt (0/1)
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  2. Destroy the Field Generator
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  3. Speak with Braedon Agareth
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  4. Erase Curfew-breaker Records
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  5. Return to Renalda Agareth
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Ends at:

Renalda Agareth

key facts
Level: 12
Min Level: 6
Difficulty: Normal
Category: Coruscant
Planet: Coruscant
Starting NPC: Renalda Agareth
Ending NPC: Renalda Agareth
Drop Monsters:
  • Justicar Heavy Gunner
Drop Items:
  • Security Belt
Experience Points: +2050


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