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Jungle Hunt

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Sergeant Molcarrus has been assigned the task of protecting the slaves and scientists working in the archaeological camps around Kaas City. Lately, however, beasts in the area have been attacking his men. A bounty has been issued for anyone willing to resolve the problem by killing the beasts.

Kill the various beasts around the archaeological camps around Kaas City and collect a trophy from each as proof.

  1. Collect Vine Cat Pelts (0/6)
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  2. Collect Yozusk Horns (0/4)
    ( )
  3. Report to Administrator Reese
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Ends at:

Administrator Reese

key facts
Level: 11
Min Level: 6
Difficulty: Hard
Category: Dromund Kaas, World
Planet: Dromund Kaas
Starting NPC: Sergeant Molcarrus
Ending NPC: Administrator Reese
Drop Monsters:
  • Savage Vine Cat
  • Vicious Vine Cat
  • Vine Cat
  • Vine Cat Prowler
  • Vine Cat Mauler
  • Vine Cat Packrunner
  • Aurek-Altered Matriarch
  • Vicious Pack Hunter
  • Yozusk
  • Yozusk Spawnling
  • Yozusk Stonehorn
  • Yozusk Titan
  • Yozusk Treesplitter
  • Yozusk Bonebreaker
  • Yozusk Platesmasher
Drop Items:
  • Vine Cat Pelt
  • Yozusk Horn
Experience Points: +2576


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