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Ilum Under Siege

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Darth Malgus has declared a new Empire, one free from narrow-minded policies, an infighting Dark Council and an apathetic Emperor. If successful, such an Empire could wipe out the Republic and conquer the galaxy. Already Malgus’s army invades Ilum in a bid to seize the planet’s Adegan crystals that he needs to power his stealth armada. For the safety of the galaxy, Darth Malgus must be stopped.

Supreme Commander Rans has called the Republic’s wisest councilors to Ilum. Meet them in the Republic bunker to form a plan of attack. Speak to C-RG9 to gain access to the council room.

  1. Talk to C-RG9
    ( More …)
key facts
Level: 50
Category: Flashpoint, Ilum
Planet: Ilum
Experience Points: +11305


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