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[HEROIC ] Jungle Flight

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A Republic SIS agent named Firehawk told you that one of his agents, Mynock, was on an undercover assignment on Belsavis. He was planted as a prisoner and “escaped” with several Republic traitors. Now he’s disappeared. Firehawk has asked that you find out what happened to Mynock.

  1. Locate Agent Mynock
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  2. Search Agent Mynock’s Body
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  3. Return to Agent Firehawk
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key facts
Level: 42
Min Level: 38
Difficulty: Normal
Category: Belsavis, Republic
Planet: Belsavis
Starting NPC: Agent Firehawk
Repeatable: YES
Experience Points: +9245


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  1. Comment by Soromonu made on May 19, 2013 at 4:03 pm

    Mission starts in Minimum Security, Republic Guardpost Beta