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[HEROIC 2+] Knight Fall

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Kord Murdok’s mercenary team was killed while trying to defeat a pack of rakghouls that managed to slaughter a party of Jedi. Murdok has asked you to succeed where his team and the Jedi failed.

Search the northeastern part of the Tularan Marsh for evidence of the fallen Jedi.

  1. Find the Lost Jedi Holojournals
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  2. Search the Infested Excavation Site
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  3. Defeat Mutated Nekghoul
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  4. Return to Kord Murdok
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Ends at:

Kord Murdok

key facts
Level: 19
Min Level: 12
Difficulty: Hard
Category: Taris
Planet: Taris
Starting NPC: Kord Murdok
Ending NPC: Kord Murdok
Repeatable: YES
Experience Points: +5082


One Response to [HEROIC 2+] Knight Fall

  1. Comment by gasguy made on June 6, 2015 at 6:23 pm

    Unlocked with Taris bonus series, after mission #2. NPC at Brejiks swoop track in Tularan marsh.