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Gunfight in Gorinth Canyon

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Corso Riggs has heard from contacts on Ord Mantell that the empire has deployed an insidious device that disables droid and machinery across the entire planet. Riggs wants to find the disarm codes in an imperial cave on Balmorra.

Travel to Balmorra

  1. Travel to Balmorra
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  2. Obtain codes from the Imperial Terminal
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  3. Defeat the Imperial Officer
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  4. Depeat Imperial Soldiers
    ( )
  5. Obtain codes from the Imperial Terminal
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  6. Pick up the weapons (0/1)
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  7. Deliver the Weapons to Danla
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key facts
Level: 45
Difficulty: Normal
Category: Smuggler, Companion, Corso Riggs, Republic
Drop Monsters:
    Drop Items:
    • Weapons
    Experience Points: +10015
    • Personal: Quest 3
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