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Final Stage – Insecticide

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Colicoids, a hostile, insect-like species native to Balmorra, are threatening to overrun the Republic’s beachhead in Bugtown. If their numbers are not thinned, their presence could endanger the Republic’s entire operation to retake the planet.

You have taken out a number of adult Colicoids as well as their eggs and nests. Enter the Colicoid queen’s nest and defeat the queen there in order to end the Colicoid infestation in Bugtown once and for all. Obtain the queen’s carapace as proof of her demise.

  1. Defeat and Search the Colicoid Queen (0/1)
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key facts
Level: 32
Category: Balmorra, Balmorra Republic, Bonus, Republic
Drop Monsters:
  • Colicoid Queen
Drop Items:
  • Colicoid Queen Carapace
Experience Points: +6760


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