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Final Stage – Bled Dry

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The Bleeders are an infamous criminal gang who have been brutally victimizing Republic citizens, possibly at the Empire’s secret request. You’ve inflicted significant damage on the Bleeder gang, but fresh reports indicate the Bleeders are distributing spice to Republic worlds by mixing it with biological samples sent to Gene Corp medical clinics. Find the Bleeder’s liasion to Gene Corp and obtain a biological sample that proves this rumor’s truth.

Collect a vial of Bleeder Blood from the Bleeder Street Captain in the Red Light Sector on Nar Shaddaa.

  1. Retrieve a Vial of Bleeder Blood from the Gene Corp Liaison (0/1)
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key facts
Level: 21
Category: Bonus, Nar Shaddaa, Republic
Planet: Nar Shaddaa
Drop Monsters:
  • Bleeder Street Captain
Drop Items:
  • Vial of Bleeder Blood
Experience Points: +4105


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