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Deadly Delivery

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Viidu needs time to decode the separatists’ data you’ve retrieved. While he tries to locate Skavak, you’ll have to keep Rogan the Butcher off Viidu’s back.

Viidu needs you to retrieve unstable chemicals from a contact named Trymbo in Oradam village and bring them back safely. Speak to Trymbo at his house in Oradam village.

  1. Go to Trymbo’s House
    ( More …)
  2. Speak to Loonda
    ( More …)
  3. Speak to Trymbo
    ( More …)
  4. Open the Storage Unit (0/1)
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  5. Deliver the Chemicals to Viidu
    ( More …)
  6. Deliver the Chemicals to Viidu
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key facts
Level: 5
Difficulty: Normal
Category: Smuggler, Ord Mantell, Class
Planet: Ord Mantell
Starting NPC: Corso Riggs
Ending NPC: Viidu
Drop Monsters:
    Drop Items:
    • Chemical Canister
    Experience Points: +1035
    Items: HTML :


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