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Core Dump

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A message posted by the chief maintenance officer in the Works warned of rogue droids rampaging through the area, possibly as a result of malicious reprogramming.

You accepted the post’s call to investigate and must retrieve evidence of the droids’ corruption. Destroy the rogue droids in the Works district and recover their memory cores.

  1. Collect Rogue Droid Memory Cores (0/5)
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  2. Deliver the Memory Cores to the Drop Site
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key facts
Level: 16
Min Level: 6
Difficulty: Normal
Category: Coruscant
Planet: Coruscant
Starting NPC: Message board
Drop Monsters:
  • Rogue Security Droid
  • Rogue Maintenance Droid
  • Rogue Support Droid
  • Rogue Combat Droid
  • Rogue Industrial Droid
  • Rogue Worker Droid
Drop Items:
  • Rogue Droid Memory Core
Experience Points: +2940


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