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Confronting Veeboo

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Your target on Tatooine is Tyresius Lokai.

Tyresius made a deal with your rival bounty hunter in the Great Hunt, Veeboo Lunx. He might have information on where Tyresius could be. Word has it that Veeboo is throwing himself a party at the Varath cantina in the Southern Jundland Wastes. Take a speeder to Outpost Varath and locate Veeboo Lunx.

  1. Locate Veeboo Lunx
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  2. Speak to Veeboo Lunx
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  3. Defeat Veeboo Lunx
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  4. Defeat the Cantina Thugs
    ( )
  5. Speak to Ann’ya
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key facts
Level: 25
Difficulty: Normal
Category: Bounty Hunter, Class, Tatooine
Planet: Tatooine
Experience Points: +5070
Light Side Points: 50
Dark Side Points: 50


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