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Artificial Intelligence

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Lieutenant Whist has asked you to investigate a group of Czerka droids. Jawas stole the droids from a Czerka ruin, but the droids activated and began to occupy the territory around the Jawas’ sandcrawler.

The droids may contain technology useful to the Empire, so you must destroy some of the droids and check their remains. Examine aberrant droid remains at the sandcrawler north of Mos Anek.

  1. Scan Aberrant Droid Remains
    ( More …)
    Look what one of the droids dropped 🙂
  2. Return to Lieutenant Whist
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Ends at:

Lieutenant Whist

key facts
Level: 26
Min Level: 22
Difficulty: Normal
Category: Imperial, Tatooine
Planet: Tatooine
Starting NPC: Lieutenant Whist
Ending NPC: Lieutenant Whist
Experience Points: +5275


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