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Art of Interrogation

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Uli Zhensi, a former Imperial worker, asked for your help ending the Empire’s Project Threshold. Uli and his fellow workers maintained experimental interrogation machinery for the project until they were caught trying to sabotage the operation. Uli got away, but the other workers got caught.

Destroy the terminals controlling the interrogation equipment, and defeat the Imperial archon in charge at the Imperial Re-education Center.

  1. Destroy the Interrogation Machine Terminals (0/5)
    ( More …)
  2. Defeat the Imperial Archon
    ( )
  3. Return to Uli Zhensi
    ( More …)
Ends at:

Uli Zhensi

Additional Information

key facts
Level: 24
Min Level: 17
Difficulty: Normal
Category: Nar Shaddaa, Republic, World
Planet: Nar Shaddaa
Starting NPC: Uli Zhensi
Ending NPC: Uli Zhensi
Experience Points: +4830


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