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Overseer Tremel has brought you to the Sith Academy on Korriban to begin your trials ahead of schedule.

Your first mission is to acquire a blade more appropriate to your destiny–an ancient Sith warblade from the armory of the tomb of Ajunta Pall.

  1. Explore the Armory
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  2. Retrieve the Sith Warblade
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  3. Exit the Armory
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    You will get attacked by Ancient droids as soon as you receive the Sith Warblade.
  4. Report to Overseer Tremel’s New Location in the Sith Academy
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  5. Speak to Vemrin
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    On your way to Overseer Tremel you are automatically stopped by Vemrin. There is one dark side choice in the conversation.
  6. Report to Overseer Tremel’s New Location in the Sith Academy
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key facts
Level: 1
Difficulty: Normal
Category: Sith Warrior, Korriban, Class
Planet: Korriban
Starting NPC: Overseer Tremel
Ending NPC: Overseer Tremel
Experience Points: +180
Light Side Points: 50
Dark Side Points: 100


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