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[AREA] Assault on Fort Alde

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Fort Alde is the primary stronghold for House Alde in the Juran Mountains. This highly fortified location gives House Alde a strategic advantage in the area. The Empire has had an assault planned for months, but has been unable to breach their fortifications. If you could disrupt their defenses, the assault could commence, and the Empire could claim the fort.

Begin your assault by taking out as many defensive forces as you can find within Fort Alde.

Starting at:

Enter Quest Area

  1. Defeat Alde Forces (0/15)
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  2. Disable the Tier 1 Shield Generator
    ( More …)
    You need to destroy all 4 switches. This will spawn some republic elite soldiers as well as some of your Imperial buddies.
  3. Disable the Tier 2 Shield Generator
    ( )
  4. Disable the Tier 3 Shield Generator
    ( )
  5. Defeat and Search Commander Joral Alde (0/1)
    ( More …)
    You can kill the two defenders first without aggroing the Commander.
  6. Access the Mission Terminal
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Additional Information

  • Destroying each of the shield generators will aggro every mob in the vicinity so you are better off killing the nearby groups before you destroy the shields
key facts
Level: 30
Min Level: 25
Difficulty: Very Hard
Category: Alderaan, Bonus, Imperial
Planet: Alderaan
Starting NPC: Enter Quest Area
Drop Monsters:
  • Commander Joral Alde
Drop Items:
  • Commander Joral Alde’s Dogtags
Experience Points: +6260


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