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An Imperial Presence

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Your hunt for the Havoc traitors has brought you to the world of Taris, where Sergeant Elara Dorne said that several Republic patrols have recently gone missing. After rescuing the soldiers, one of them revealed that they were captured on orders from Needles, the former Havoc Squad medic, who is working with Imperial forces on Taris toward some unknown purpose.

Needles and his Imperial allies are working from a hidden bunker located in the Brell Sediment. Storm the Imperial research bunker and investigate Needles’s activities and whereabouts.

  1. Investigate the Imperial Research Bunker
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  2. Access the Imperial Database
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  3. Speak to Sergeant Elara Dorne
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key facts
Level: 18
Difficulty: Normal
Category: Trooper, Class, Imperial, Taris
Planet: Taris
Ending NPC: Sergeant Elara Dorne
Experience Points: +3400
Light Side Points: 100
Dark Side Points: 100


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