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An Army of One

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In order to eliminate Darth Baras’s former spy, Agent Dellocon, you must draw his protector, Lord Rathari, into a confrontation by destroying all of his operations.

Your contact, Halidrell Setsyn, has directed you to disrupt Lord Rathari’s siege on Outpost Shylon in the Upper Industrial Sector.

  1. Go to Republic Outpost Shylon
    ( More …)
  2. Speak to General Kligton
    ( More …)
  3. Defeat General Kligton
    ( More …)
  4. Defeat Imperial Soldiers
    ( )
  5. Destroy the Barricade
    ( More …)
  6. Deal with the Republic Forces
    ( More …)
  7. Speak to Commander Naughlen
    ( More …)

Option :1 Chose to spare Commander Naughlen

  1. Use Your Personal Holocom
    ( More…)

Option :2 Chose to kill Commander Naughlen

  1. Defeat Lieutenant Weggland
    ( More…)
  2. Defeat Republic Soldiers
    ( )
  3. Use Your Personal Holocom
    ( More…)
key facts
Level: 22
Difficulty: Normal
Category: Sith Warrior, Class, Nar Shaddaa
Planet: Nar Shaddaa
Experience Points: +4345
Light Side Points: 150
Dark Side Points: 250


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