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Alliance Of Evil

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SIS Agent Burne received a tip that the separatists are meeting with the leaders of violent splinter groups from across the Republic. Burne tasked you with hunting down the splinter groups’ leaders and wiping them out.

According to his intel, there’s a computer inside the separatist stronghold with information on the leaders’ locations. Access the separatist database in the separatist stronghold to retrieve the locations of the splinter group leaders.

  1. Access the Computer Terminal
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  2. Defeat Separatist Leaders (0/4)
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    Leaders are protected by Vanguards – basically Heavy Gun Troopers.
  3. Defeat Separatist Vanguards (0/4)
    ( )
  4. Contact Agent Burne via the Comm Station
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Additional Information

  • Elevator to 2nd Level.
key facts
Level: 6
Difficulty: Hard
Category: Ord Mantell
Planet: Ord Mantell
Starting NPC: Field Agent Burne
Ending NPC: Field Agent Burne
Experience Points: +1701
Items – class specific
These items are awarded based on your character’s class. You get only the one appropriate for your class
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