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Inquisitor Arzanon, head of Academy security, has tasked you with rooting out and destroying the Sith acolyte traitors who plot to overthrow the Empire.

Use Inquisitor Arzanon’s ID scanner to identify the traitors among the acolyte initiates in the Valley of the Dark Lords. If they are found to be disloyal, punish them.

  1. Scan and Defeat Acolyte Initiates
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    Use the scanner that you can find in your inventory under the Mission Items tab. You can even drag the scanner to your quickbar and use it with a simple click.
  2. Return to Inquisitor Arzanon
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key facts
Level: 4
Difficulty: Normal
Category: Korriban, World
Planet: Korriban
Starting NPC: Inquisitor Arzanon
Ending NPC: Inquisitor Arzanon
Experience Points: +855
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