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Icon Item name Level Req. Lvl Slot Type Actions
Advanced Force Wielder Hilt 255850ModificationHiltEquip
Advanced Guardian Hilt 255850ModificationHiltEquip
Advanced Might Hilt 255850ModificationHiltEquip
Advanced Rage Hilt 255850ModificationHiltEquip
Advanced Resolve Hilt 255850ModificationHiltEquip
Advanced Shrouded Hilt 255850ModificationHiltEquip
Mastercraft Force Wielder Hilt 255850ModificationHiltEquip
Mastercraft Guardian Hilt 255850ModificationHiltEquip
Mastercraft Might Hilt 255850ModificationHiltEquip
Mastercraft Rage Hilt 255850ModificationHiltEquip
Mastercraft Resolve Hilt 255850ModificationHiltEquip
Mastercraft Shrouded Hilt 255850ModificationHiltEquip
Advanced Force Wielder Hilt 245650ModificationHiltEquip
Advanced Force Wielder Hilt 255650ModificationHiltEquip
Advanced Guardian Hilt 245650ModificationHiltEquip
Advanced Guardian Hilt 255650ModificationHiltEquip
Advanced Might Hilt 245650ModificationHiltEquip
Advanced Might Hilt 255650ModificationHiltEquip
Advanced Rage Hilt 245650ModificationHiltEquip
Advanced Resolve Hilt 245650ModificationHiltEquip
Advanced Resolve Hilt 255650ModificationHiltEquip
Advanced Shrouded Hilt 245650ModificationHiltEquip
Mastercraft Force Wielder Hilt 245650ModificationHiltEquip
Mastercraft Guardian Hilt 245650ModificationHiltEquip
Mastercraft Might Hilt 245650ModificationHiltEquip
Mastercraft Rage Hilt 245650ModificationHiltEquip
Mastercraft Resolve Hilt 245650ModificationHiltEquip
Mastercraft Shrouded Hilt 245650ModificationHiltEquip
Advanced Force Wielder Hilt 235250ModificationHiltEquip
Advanced Guardian Hilt 235250ModificationHiltEquip
Advanced Resolve Hilt 235250ModificationHiltEquip
Schematic: Advanced Force Wielder Hilt 2352ModificationHiltEquip
Schematic: Advanced Guardian Hilt 2352ModificationHiltEquip
Schematic: Advanced Might Hilt 2352ModificationHiltEquip
Schematic: Advanced Resolve Hilt 2352ModificationHiltEquip
Advanced Force Wielder Hilt 265150ModificationHiltEquip
Advanced Guardian Hilt 265150ModificationHiltEquip
Advanced Might Hilt 265150ModificationHiltEquip
Advanced Rage Hilt 235150ModificationHiltEquip
Advanced Resolve Hilt 265150ModificationHiltEquip
Advanced Shrouded Hilt 235150ModificationHiltEquip
Mastercraft Force Wielder Hilt 265150ModificationHiltEquip
Mastercraft Guardian Hilt 265150ModificationHiltEquip
Mastercraft Might Hilt 265150ModificationHiltEquip
Mastercraft Rage Hilt 235150ModificationHiltEquip
Mastercraft Resolve Hilt 265150ModificationHiltEquip
Mastercraft Shrouded Hilt 235150ModificationHiltEquip
Advanced Force Wielder Hilt 225049ModificationHiltEquip
Advanced Guardian Hilt 225049ModificationHiltEquip
Advanced Might Hilt 225049ModificationHiltEquip
1 2 3 ...5 6 7 ...10 11 12


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