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Icon Item name Level Req. Lvl Slot Type Actions
Keen Mod 14A3433ModificationMod 
Keen Mod 14B3433ModificationMod 
Mettle Mod 143433ModificationMod 
Mettle Mod 14A3433ModificationMod 
Mettle Mod 14B3433ModificationMod 
Might Mod 143433ModificationMod 
Nimble Mod 143433ModificationMod 
Nimble Mod 14A3433ModificationMod 
Nimble Mod 14B3433ModificationMod 
Potent Mod 143433ModificationMod 
Potent Mod 14A3433ModificationMod 
Potent Mod 14B3433ModificationMod 
Reflex Mod 143433ModificationMod 
Reinforced Mod 143433ModificationMod 
Reinforced Mod 14A3433ModificationMod 
Reinforced Mod 14B3433ModificationMod 
Resilient Mod 143433ModificationMod 
Resilient Mod 14A3433ModificationMod 
Resilient Mod 14B3433ModificationMod 
Resolve Mod 143433ModificationMod 
Robust Mod 143433ModificationMod 
Robust Mod 14A3433ModificationMod 
Robust Mod 14B3433ModificationMod 
Skill Mod 143433ModificationMod 
Weighted Mod 143433ModificationMod 
Weighted Mod 14A3433ModificationMod 
Weighted Mod 14B3433ModificationMod 
Commando Mod 133231ModificationMod 
Force Wielder Mod 133231ModificationMod 
Guardian Mod 133231ModificationMod 
Might Mod 133231ModificationMod 
Patron Mod 133231ModificationMod 
Reflex Mod 133231ModificationMod 
Resolve Mod 133231ModificationMod 
Skill Mod 133231ModificationMod 
Commando Mod 123029ModificationMod 
Force Wielder Mod 123029ModificationMod 
Guardian Mod 123029ModificationMod 
Might Mod 123029ModificationMod 
Patron Mod 123029ModificationMod 
Reflex Mod 123029ModificationMod 
Resolve Mod 123029ModificationMod 
Skill Mod 123029ModificationMod 
Commando Mod 112827ModificationMod 
Force Wielder Mod 112827ModificationMod 
Guardian Mod 112827ModificationMod 
Might Mod 112827ModificationMod 
Patron Mod 112827ModificationMod 
Reflex Mod 112827ModificationMod 
Resolve Mod 112827ModificationMod 
1 2 3 ...35 36 37 ...70 71 72 73


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