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Icon Item name Level Req. Lvl Slot Type Actions
Force Sentry Leggings3333LegsMedium ArmorEquip
Gunslinger Elite Prototype Belt33WaistMedium ArmorEquip
Gunslinger Elite Prototype Gloves33HandsMedium ArmorEquip
Gunslinger Elite Prototype Headgear33HeadMedium ArmorEquip
Gunslinger's Maelstrom Belt33WaistMedium ArmorEquip
Gunslinger's Maelstrom Cuffs33WristsMedium ArmorEquip
Gunslinger's Maelstrom Gloves33HandsMedium ArmorEquip
Gunslinger's Maelstrom Pants33LegsMedium ArmorEquip
Marauder's Foundry Boots3333FeetMedium ArmorEquip
Marauder's Foundry Coat3333ChestMedium ArmorEquip
Marauder's Foundry Cuffs3333WristsMedium ArmorEquip
Marauder's Foundry Gloves3333HandsMedium ArmorEquip
Marauder's Foundry Hood3333HeadMedium ArmorEquip
Marauder's Foundry Pants3333LegsMedium ArmorEquip
Marauder's Foundry Waistband3333WaistMedium ArmorEquip
Marksman Elite Prototype Belt33WaistMedium ArmorEquip
Marksman Elite Prototype Gloves33HandsMedium ArmorEquip
Marksman Elite Prototype Headgear33HeadMedium ArmorEquip
Operative Elite Upgrade Belt33WaistMedium ArmorEquip
Operative Elite Upgrade Gloves33HandsMedium ArmorEquip
Operative Elite Upgrade Headgear33HeadMedium ArmorEquip
Operative Medic's Foundry Belt3333WaistMedium ArmorEquip
Operative Medic's Foundry Boots3333FeetMedium ArmorEquip
Operative Medic's Foundry Cuffs3333WristsMedium ArmorEquip
Operative Medic's Foundry Gloves3333HandsMedium ArmorEquip
Operative Medic's Foundry Headgear3333HeadMedium ArmorEquip
Operative Medic's Foundry Jacket3333ChestMedium ArmorEquip
Operative Medic's Foundry Pants3333LegsMedium ArmorEquip
Operative's Foundry Belt3333WaistMedium ArmorEquip
Operative's Foundry Boots3333FeetMedium ArmorEquip
Operative's Foundry Cuffs3333WristsMedium ArmorEquip
Operative's Foundry Gloves3333HandsMedium ArmorEquip
Operative's Foundry Headgear3333HeadMedium ArmorEquip
Operative's Foundry Jacket3333ChestMedium ArmorEquip
Operative's Foundry Pants3333LegsMedium ArmorEquip
RD-05A Sniper Boots3332FeetMedium ArmorEquip
RD-05A Sniper Bracers3332WristsMedium ArmorEquip
RD-05A Sniper Leggings3333LegsMedium ArmorEquip
Scoundrel Elite Upgrade Belt33WaistMedium ArmorEquip
Scoundrel Elite Upgrade Gloves33HandsMedium ArmorEquip
Scoundrel Elite Upgrade Headgear33HeadMedium ArmorEquip
Scoundrel Medic's Maelstrom Belt3333WaistMedium ArmorEquip
Scoundrel Medic's Maelstrom Boots3333FeetMedium ArmorEquip
Scoundrel Medic's Maelstrom Cuffs3333WristsMedium ArmorEquip
Scoundrel Medic's Maelstrom Gloves3333HandsMedium ArmorEquip
Scoundrel Medic's Maelstrom Headgear3333HeadMedium ArmorEquip
Scoundrel Medic's Maelstrom Jacket3333ChestMedium ArmorEquip
Scoundrel Medic's Maelstrom Pants3333LegsMedium ArmorEquip
Scoundrel's Maelstrom Belt3333WaistMedium ArmorEquip
Scoundrel's Maelstrom Boots3333FeetMedium ArmorEquip
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