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Icon Item name Level Req. Lvl Slot Type Actions
Scorching Vibrosword3433Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)VibroswordEquip
Sentry's Flux Double-Bladed Lightsaber3433Main Hand (Melee)Double-Bladed LightsaberEquip
Sentry's Flux Lightsaber3433Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Shrouded Knight's Blade3434Main Hand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Sovran's Flux Double-Bladed Lightsaber3433Main Hand (Melee)Double-Bladed LightsaberEquip
Sovran's Flux Lightsaber3433Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Underworld Blaster3434Main Hand (Ranged)Blaster PistolEquip
Vette's Modified Sidearm34Main Hand (Ranged), Offhand (Ranged)Blaster PistolEquip
Warborn Saberstaff3434Main Hand (Melee)Double-Bladed LightsaberEquip
Warrior Vindicator's Lightsaber3434Main Hand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Wayward Wizard's Blade3434Main Hand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Z-303 Rotary Crusader3434Main Hand (Ranged)Assault CannonEquip
Force Stoic's Lightsaber3333Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Forcebound Lightsaber3333Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Shadowbringer's Double-Saber3333Main Hand (Melee)Double-Bladed LightsaberEquip
Shadowbringer's Lightsaber3333Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Sith Executioner's Lightsaber3333Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
TBD Rifle3333Main Hand (Ranged)Blaster RifleEquip
Tral-tech Cannon3333Main Hand (Ranged)Assault CannonEquip
Tral-tech Concealed Knife3333KnifeVibroknifeEquip
Tral-tech Disruption Rifle3333Main Hand (Ranged)Blaster RifleEquip
Tral-tech Disruptor3333Main Hand (Ranged), Offhand (Ranged)Blaster PistolEquip
Tral-tech Fusion Rifle3333Main Hand (Ranged)Blaster RifleEquip
Tral-tech Interceptor3333Main Hand (Ranged), Offhand (Ranged)Blaster PistolEquip
Tral-tech Needler3333Main Hand (Ranged), Offhand (Ranged)Blaster PistolEquip
Tral-tech Portable Cannon3333Main Hand (Ranged)Assault CannonEquip
Tral-tech Scattergun3333ShotgunScattergunEquip
Tral-tech Searing Rifle3333Main Hand (Ranged)Blaster RifleEquip
Tral-tech Sniper Rifle3333Main Hand (Ranged)Sniper RifleEquip
Tral-tech Sonic Blaster3333Main Hand (Ranged), Offhand (Ranged)Blaster PistolEquip
Tral-tech Technician's Knife3333KnifeVibroknifeEquip
Vicious Double-Saber3333Main Hand (Melee)Double-Bladed LightsaberEquip
A-20 Assault Staff3231Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Custodian's Meditation Double-Bladed Lightsaber3231Main Hand (Melee)Double-Bladed LightsaberEquip
Custodian's Meditation Lightsaber3231Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Custom Suppression Blaster3231Main Hand (Ranged), Offhand (Ranged)Blaster PistolEquip
DC-15 Blaster Carbine3231Main Hand (Ranged)Blaster RifleEquip
Diabolist's Meditation Lightsaber3231Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Dread Sith Gladiator's Lightsaber32Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Dread Sith Militant Offhand Saber32Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Emissary's Prototype Scattergun32ShotgunScattergunEquip
Fluted Sniper Rifle3231Main Hand (Ranged)Sniper RifleEquip
Informant's Prototype Vibroknife32KnifeVibroknifeEquip
Light Stormer3231Main Hand (Ranged)Assault CannonEquip
M-203 Galactic Blaster32Offhand (Ranged)Blaster PistolEquip
N-401 Heavy Sonic Shrieker32Offhand (Ranged)Blaster PistolEquip
Primal Meditation Double-Bladed Lightsaber3231Main Hand (Melee)Double-Bladed LightsaberEquip
Primal Meditation Lightsaber3231Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Prophet's Meditation Lightsaber3231Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Prototype A-20 Assault Tech Staff3231Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
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