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Icon Item name Level Req. Lvl Slot Type Actions
Virtuous Elder Vindicator's Lightsaber4039Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Virtuous Veteran Elder Blade's Lightsaber4039Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Ashara's Prototype Handcrafted Lightsaber39Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Dread Master Marauder's Lightsaber39Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Dread Master Warlord's Lightsaber39Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
High Master Sorcerer's Lightsaber39Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Merciless Master Juggernaut's Lightsaber39Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Mindful Master Guardian's Lightsaber39Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Noble Master Consular's Lightsaber39Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Valorous Master Peacekeeper's Lightsaber39Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Valorous Master Sentinel's Lightsaber39Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Custodian's Dauntless Lightsaber3837Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Deathwarden's Lightsaber3838Main Hand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Diabolist's Dauntless Lightsaber3837Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Elder Ardent Blade's Lightsaber3837Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Elder Ardent Warrior's Lightsaber3837Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Elder Subjugator's Lightsaber3837Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Elder Vindicator's Lightsaber3837Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Primal Dauntless Lightsaber3837Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Prophet's Dauntless Lightsaber3837Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Saber Savant's Lightsaber3838Main Hand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Sentry's Dauntless Lightsaber3837Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Sith Battlelord's Lightsaber3838Main Hand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Sith Warden's Lightsaber3838Main Hand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Solar Wrath Lightsaber3838Main Hand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Sovran's Dauntless Lightsaber3837Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
War Menace's Lightsaber3838Main Hand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Battle Ravager's Lightsaber3737Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Blade Adept's Lightsaber3737Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Lifebleeder3737Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Lifesaver's Lightblade3737Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Lightsaber of Entropic Assault3737Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Lightsaber of Inexorable Defense3737Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Lightsaber of the Force Nimbus3737Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
War Anarch's Lightsaber3737Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Benevolent Force Champion Lightsaber3636Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Custodian's Hand-crafted Lightsaber3635Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Diabolist's Hand-crafted Lightsaber3635Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Dread Corsair Elite Lightsaber36Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Dread Marauder Elite Offhand Saber36Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Malevolent Force Champion Lightsaber3636Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Primal Hand-crafted Lightsaber3635Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Prophet's Hand-crafted Lightsaber3635Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Righteous Force Invoker Lightsaber3636Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Sentry's Hand-crafted Lightsaber3635Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Sovran's Hand-crafted Lightsaber3635Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Stygian Force Invoker Lightsaber3636Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Valorous Sentinel Elite Lightsaber36Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Valorous Sentry Elite Lightsaber36Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Vile Force Battler Lightsaber3636Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
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