The Apalis Coast

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Additional information:

For Republic:
Coordinates: X:-1455, Y:1394. (Screenhots are for Republic)

For Empire
Got this as i went onto the bridge at X:1357, Y: 1726, Z:178

We would like to thank Ly’nzza for additional information.

Original Game Codex Text

South of the Juran Mountains, the Apalis Coast is a rich green flatland separated from the sea by a sheer cliff face. The ancestral home of House Organa, it has been a reliable source of wealth for generations, as the noble family has made the coast into productive farmland. Unfortunately, this fruitful land has now been marred by invaders from House Thul. After a failed assault on House Organa itself, Thul forces have dug up Organa’s fertile farms and turned the area into a massive army camp. Thul forces are there to stay, a constant challenger in the face of their rivals.

key facts
Level: 28
Planet: Alderaan