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X: -695, Y: 1416

Additional information:

As of patch 2.10 (9/9/2014): Highmount Ridge. Highmount Bluffs. Just south and a little east of Leth Outpost. There is a small piece of debris the top of the hill just below the crashed spaceship. This is the SE area of map where the Ortolan and Talz are located.

We would like to thank Texlar and spiff for additional information.

Original Game Codex Text

The Talz are a strong, warlike and clannish species, ideally suited (due to their copious fur) to fighting in cold-weather climates. Their essential sense of honor and decidedly inhuman appearance brings most Talz into alignment with the Republic in the fight against the exclusionary Empire, and many Talz have joined the Republic’s crack Talz commando units, battling on Hoth and in other cold-weather theaters of war.Not all Talz believe that fighting for the Republic is the correct course, however. There are those whose bloodlust is not satisfied by taking out the targets the Republic assigns them, and who feel that they betray their clan by adopting a foreign master.

key facts
Level: 36
Planet: Hoth