Skavak (Smuggler)

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Additional information:

Codex granted at the completion of the quest Landing Party (after your ship has been stolen).

We would like to thank Dave A. for additional information.

Original Game Codex Text

Traitor, scoundrel, thief: these are a few of the many unpleasant words associated with notorious con man Skavak. A rogue even in the galactic underworld he calls home, Skavak has double-crossed fellow criminals from Coruscant to Dantooine. His business partners are disposable assets, and friends are only a means to an end.Skavak’s sole loyalty is to himself, and he’ll take jobs from anyone if it will line his pockets with a few more credits. Brash, arrogant and utterly without remorse, Skavak is long overdue for a takedown. The only question is, who has the guile and skill to outwit the man they call “the Jackal of the Stars”?

key facts
Faction: Republic
Class: Smuggler
Level: 1
Planet: Ord Mantell