Oro Wogawa

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From the very first time the Ithorian witnessed the arrival of a ship on his homeworld, Oro Wogawa has been utterly fascinated with spaceflight technology. As Wogawa sees it, mechanical systems are no different from living systems, requiring an equal amount of attention and nourishment. After stowing away on a pirate craft, Wogawa taught himself to provide such care to ships’ engines and began a career as a hired hand on any ship that would have him on its crew. Though Oro has learned to adopt a certain level of coarseness necessary to cope with crew dynamics, he is at heart a caring being. This is why, after witnessing the cruel, controlling nature of the Sith Empire all across the galaxy, Oro has opted to dedicate his affinity for the inner workings of starships to anyone who opposes them.

key facts
Faction: Republic
Level: 1
Planet: Unknown Planet