House Ulgo

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X: 2307, Y: -782

Additional information:

It’s a banner in the Ulgo Fortress. You’ll need to work your way around through Ulgo Mount to the northwest – path starts around the end of the road at 2060, -1007.

Can also get in from a banner in heroic area for misson Special delivery X: 625 Y:2022 Z: 180

We would like to thank dak, Stefan and Elenath for additional information.

Original Game Codex Text

The noble House Ulgo has a long history of military excellence. The family values discipline and duty above all else, and Ulgos pride themselves on forsaking the pampered, aristocratic lifestyles the other noble houses have gravitated toward. The Ulgo tradition of requiring every member to serve in the military has produced generations of distinguished officers.In recent years, the Ulgos became increasingly frustrated with the political stalemate in the Alderaanian parliament. When the queen died and House Thul returned from exile with the support of the Empire, General Bouris Ulgo pleaded with the collected nobles to act quickly to push Thul back off the planet. When it became clear the nobles were too fractured to stop what he saw as a second Imperial invasion, Bouris Ulgo declared himself king and declared war on House Thul. Unfortunately, grabbing the crown forced the hand of the other noble houses and they declared war against Ulgo. House Ulgo now finds itself beset on all sides as it struggles to defend the crown and brutally reinstate order on Alderaan–no matter the cost in blood and resources.

key facts
Level: 28
Planet: Alderaan