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X: -234, Y: 1282

Additional information:

Since the new patch (2.7.1): the codex entry for the Gran species are finally obtainable. Interact with Gran Lore object inside Sunken Sarlacc Cantina – Level 2.

We would like to thank Derpine for additional information and for sending us the screenshots.

Original Game Codex Text

Gran are a typically peaceful and reflective race physically characterized by their three eyestalks and long snouts. Traditionally highly communal, Gran found away from their home planets often stray from the stereotype; high-profile Gran outcasts have earned the species an unfair reputation as thugs, shady dealers and underworld enforcers.In reality, Gran appear in all walks of life–particularly within the Republic, where their generally calm demeanor, matched with their intimidating appearance, has made them excellent negotiators. This is not to say that all Gran are equally calm–one famous group of Gran gangsters was responsible for the deaths of thirteen rivals on Hutta after a fight over territory broke out in the local cantina.

key facts
Faction: Empire
Level: 16
Planet: Balmorra