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X: -106, Y: 724

Additional information:

Kill any Bogwing in Belsavis to receive Bogwing codex. Belsavis Bogwing from the picture bellow can be found in High Security Section, Belsavis..

We would like to thank Gnev, Arveshet and Yunikorn for additional information.

Original Game Codex Text

Bogwings are dangerous reptavian carnivores who often live near lakes or marshes. When they hunt, they skim the ground or marsh at high speed, using their long jaws to snatch up prey or strain the water for fish. Larger creatures are grasped in the bogwing’s heavy front claws, which are surprisingly powerful for its size. Observations show that if a bogwing is hungry enough, it can tackle animals several times its own weight.Because of this trait, during the Great War the Republic military briefly considered training bogwings to carry supplies or even munitions to squads in remote areas. However, bogwings are extremely temperamental and respond badly to being handled. The risk to potential trainers was judged to be too high, and the idea was never widely implemented.

key facts
Level: 41
Planet: Belsavis