SWTOR Eradicator’s Mask and Game Update 2.1

swtor Eradicator's MaskAfter the SWTOR Game Update 2.1 on May 14th, this long-waited mask will be available through Cartel Market, and it will cost 480 Cartel Coins. According to Courtney Woods, Community Production Specialist, the Eradicator’s Mask will not have voice modulation, which is a huge disappointment for SWTOR community, but a piece of great news is that the mask will be hood up.
I just checked with our Cartel Market team and the Eradicator’s Mask will not have voice modulation.
Courtney Woods

The other news regarding SWTOR 2.1 which can be interesting to Subscribers to hear are the following:

  • Subscribers receive a discount on Appearance Designer purchases.
  • Subscribers receive one free Character Rename (but it will not happen right at the launch of Game Update 2.1)

With Game Update 2.1 each subscriber will get one free Character Name change per account. There will not be complimentary Legacy or Guild name changes.

One piece of bad news I do have is that unfortunately we are running into some issues granting the free name change and so that will not happen right at the launch of Game Update 2.1. We are working to get it implemented ASAP and I will give you exact timing as soon as I can. You will definitely get it, just not right away.

Source: forums, twitter

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