Wildstar Arkship EU 2013

Wildstar Life, website from our MMORPG Life network, has been invited to attend a fan event in Brighton, England. Reason is Wildstar, upcoming MMORPG from Carbine Studios and NCSoft. They will get to play the game, talk to the developers in person and generally get familiar with what Wildstar has to offer. First reports already came in and it seems that Wildstar has a lot to offer to MMORPG fans. The game just entered its first closed beta stage (which you can sign up for here), but it already feels very developed and thoroughly thought out. Our reporters from the scene are under a strict NDA, but we can assure you that they will relate everything they can about the game and there might be some interviews up on the website very soon as well. We’ll update this post with news as they happen and you can also follow @mmorpglife on witter for up to date news.

Arkship EU 2013 Articles:

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