SWTOR PTS Closing on March 26th

According to Amber Green, SWTOR’s Live Services Specialist, PTS server will be closed from March 26th until they announce and deploy the next round of public content testing.

Tomorrow morning, we will be closing the PTS and this forum as we conclude public testing of Game Update 2.0. Please remember that the current build on PTS is not the final version, and there will be updates to what’s here before Game Update 2.0 is deployed to the live servers. Your participation and feedback have been exceptionally valuable, and we appreciate everyone who took time to test Game Update 2.0!

PTS Closing Details:

Date: March 26th, 2013
Time: 8AM PDT (5PM GMT)
Duration: The PTS will remain closed until we announce and deploy our next round of public content testing.

Source: SWTOR Official forum

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